Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Self Introduction

Well my name is Richard Aguilar and I'm currently taking Computer Technology as my major. My interest academic wise is anything that relates with technology; philosophy and psychology. Personal interests/hobbies are photography, researching on new types of electronics that are made and might be helpful and just keeping up to date on what is on the new with the world. Well my work life in the past was kind of rough due to my parents trying to make me work with my uncle to learn how tough it is in the working world. The image of the working world that i saw while growing up was just back breaking work that will make you sweat and appreciate what you accomplished. I've also did community service as for unpaid work. I did community service at my old elementary school and in the following year at Elmhurst Hospital. It was a great experience learning how people work or interact with others during their working time. My image of my future work like is doing what i love to do as in fixing or helping others with technology needs. Providing information that will help them for future problems. What I want to learn in the class is how much of a change did the work force industry went through to get to where we are now.

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  1. Great start - look forward to more of your thoughts as we get underway.